Vincenzo Pavone

I am a tenured researcher at the Institute of Public Policies of the Spanish National Research Council (CSIC) since 2006. I am member of the SPRI group on science, technology and innovation. Over the past ten years, I have developed a research line in critical science and technology studies, with a special focus on the political economy of reproductive and regenerative medicine, agro-biotechnology and synthetic biology, as well as surveillance-oriented security technologies. Always working on the complex relationship between science, technology and political economy, with a special focus on neoliberalism, I have recently opened a new research line on the relationship between society, neoliberalism and the global bioeconomy.

Specifically I have carried on research on the political and social consequences of genetic testing (BBE-GEN), on the political economy of the reproductive bioeconomy (BIOARREME), on public and civil society engagement with GMOs (PSx2), and with surveillance-oriented security technologies (PRISE and SURPRISE). Moreover, over the past four years, I have been representing Spain in the COST ACTION 1001 on Bio-objects and their boundaries. Currently, I am co-Investigator of a multidisciplinary research project led by the Monfort University on the political economy of egg donation (EDNA 2017-2020) in UK, Belgium and Spain. In the past few years, I have been visiting various international universities, such the UC Berkeley, York University, King’s College, Universidad de Chile, Maastricht University and the Universidad Nacional de Quilmes in Argentina.

my personal researchgate page: <a href=”″>Vincenzo Pavone on ResearchGate</a>

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